Welcome To GenXPro Bioinformatics Services - We Translate Your Data Into Knowledge.

GenXPro provides custom-made bioinformatics solutions for your data. Our experts will personally discuss your project to find the best suited approaches. Your data is analyzed using constantly improved analysis pipelines on our powerful CPU clusters. Besides of the raw data and results-files, you can also conveniently browse through your data in our cloud-based data suite after login into your personal data-space.

Our Bioinformatics Service Comprises

  • RNA-Seq Analyses For Model & Non-Model Organisms
  • Identification Of Isoforms, Splicing & Fusion Genes
  • Mapping / Annotation
  • De Novo Assembly (Genome / Transcriptome)
  • Quantification Of Transcripts / Measurement Of Differential Gene Expression
  • Gene Set Enrichment Analyses
  • Gene Ontology Annotation & Enrichment Analyses
  • Exome Sequencing Analysis: SNPs / Indels / Rearrangements / Copy Number Variations
  • Data Is Also Provided Via Secured FTP Or By Shipping Of A Hard-Disk.

Customized Projects

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any request concerning bioinformatics analyses for your data or project. Our experts will find optimized solutions in close collaboration with you.

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