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Welcome to APADB, a database for mammalian alternative polyadenylation determined by 3'-end sequencing. Currently, APADB provides information for chicken, human and mouse polyadenylation sites and potential loss of microRNA binding sites. The interface allows the user to browse the database for each organism and tissue or to search for polyadenylation of a gene of interest. Additionally, the read mapping can be visualized via the jBrowse Genome Browser for manual inspection of polyA sites.

For a short tour through APADB klick on the images below

  • Search for gene of interest
  • Detailed view of PA sites
  • Alignments in genome browser
  • Enriched motifs

Latest News

2014-06-21: Updated Download Section with version 2 of Human and Mouse BED-Tracks.
2014-06-20: Added new tissues: HLF Cell Line (Human) & Brain (Mouse).