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Welcome to omiRas, a web server for the annotation, comparison and visualization of interaction networks of non-coding RNAs derived from small RNA-Sequencing experiments of two different conditions. For a short tour click on the images below.


Get a schematic overview of an omiRas run.

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HowTo submit a new project

Learn how easy it is to submit a new project.

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Exemplary Analysis

Get a first impression how to interpret omiRas analysis results.

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Currently supported organisms:
- Homo sapiens (hg19)
- Mus musculus (mm10)
- Sus scrofa (Sscrofa10.2)
- Arabidopsis thaliana (TAIR9)
- Medicago truncatula (Mt4.0)
- Solanum lycopersicum (SL2.40)

Test data is available for download here:
Download FASTQ data (Mus musculus)

Exemplary results are available here: (Homo sapiens) Link to GEO data · Link to publication (Mus musculus) Link to GEO data · Link to publication (Arabidopsis thaliana) Link to GEO data · Link to publication

Due to important system updates, the omiRas submission system is currently unavailable.

Link to publication:
Müller S, Rycak L, Winter P, Kahl G, Koch I, Rotter B. omiRas: A Web server for differential expression analysis of miRNAs derived from small RNA-Seq data.
Bioinformatics. 23 Aug 2013. doi: 10.1093/bioinformatics/btt457 [abstract]

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