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HowTo submit a new project

step 1 The user can submit a new project with a click on the "start new project" button on the bottom of the omiRas main page.

step 1_2 Next, a name to the project can be assigned, as well as names for the two conditions under consideration.

In the next step the gzip compressed FASTQ files in FASTQ Sanger format (if your files were generated with CASAVA <1.8, you should convert your FASTQ files to FASTQ Sanger format before upload) for both conditions can be uploaded.
step 2

step 3 Subsequent to the successful upload, the user can choose whether omiRas should remove the 3' adapter from the sequences and provide the bases of the adapter. As default, omiRas starts to search for the adapter at base postion 10 and requires at least 5 matches to the adapter sequence in the best local alignment.

step 4 In the last step the organism has to be selected. Furthermore an option can be selected to perform a prediction analysis for novel miRNAs.

step 5 Finally a summary of your data submission is provided. You can choose to make adjustments and go back to a previous step or start the analysis process.

step 6 During data analysis the status of your submission is shown.